Here at Community Eye Center Optometry, we are proud to provide decorative contact lens for our patients.

How many times in your life have you wished you had a different eye color? How many times have you looked at someone’s eyes and thought, wow, those are bright and beautiful?

We have good news for you! Here at Community Eye Center Optometry, we are able to help you get the eye color you want. Even if you simply want a different color for just a day, we can create contacts that make your eyes look a different color.

Decorative contacts lens can be great during the Halloween season. If you are dressing up as a character that has a different eye color than you or just want a crazy color or design, decorative contact lens can help you produce this look.

Though you may be able to find decorative contact lenses in different stores, you really should get colored contact lenses from us. If you don’t need a prescription, we can still change the color of your eyes. If you do need a prescription, we can give you lenses so that you can still see clearly while changing the color of your eyes.

You also don’t know if other contact lenses are taken care of the way that they should be by other retailers. You don’t want to get an infection just because you wanted to change your eyes for a day or two!

If you have any questions about decorative contact lens, do not hesitate to reach out to us at (323) 778-7799.