Image00155The saying goes that you only have two eyes, so you need to make sure you take good care of them. Life is much better when you can see clearly. Eye infections and other diseases can make you very miserable, especially if your eyes are itchy and inflamed.

To ensure you have healthy eyes, here are some tips for taking proper care of your eyes:

Go to your eye doctor regularly. Routine appointments will ensure your eyes are healthy and you can see as clearly as possible with the correct prescription in your contact lenses or eyeglasses.

Stop smoking. Studies show that smokers have more trouble with their contact lenses than people who don’t smoke.

Wear protective glasses when necessary. Safety glasses are made to keep your eyes safe. Anytime you do something dangerous be sure to wear safety glasses so you can keep your eyes safe from flying debris.

If you want to wear colored contact lenses, get them from an eye doctor. Many costume shops sell colored lenses, especially around Halloween. These can cause permanent damage. Many eye doctors offer colored lenses from a reputable contact lens dealer.

Remove your contacts immediately if you get something in them. Flush your eyes out if you get dust, dirt, or anything else in them. You will also want to remove your contacts if you are having pain in your eyes, blurry vision, discharge, swelling, or any other problems in which your eyes are really bothering you.

Seek emergency care when necessary. Some conditions require prompt medical help. If you suddenly lose your vision or you can’t see at all, call 911. If you get something in your eyes like chemicals or any other foreign object, go to the doctor immediately. The same goes for any trauma in which you get hit in the face.

It is really important for your overall health to take proper care of your eyes. The first step is to have routine examinations so you can see clearly. During examinations doctors also look for any potential problems so they can fix them before they get worse. Make sure that you wear safety glasses when necessary and, if you get something in your eyes, remove your contacts right away. Don’t ever hesitate to seek emergency help. You don’t want to lose your vision permanently because you didn’t go to the hospital right away!