image00003Adults experience many eye problems as they age. Some of these problems can be avoided by taking care of your eyes, especially when you are younger. However, many of these issues are simply a result of aging.

Presbyopia is a problem many adults notice around age 40. Presbyopia is when you have trouble seeing objects at close distances. As they age, many adults are unable to read small print. This is a very common problem, and most people can see better close up with reading glasses or contacts.

Another problem that is an effect of aging is dry eyes. This happens when the tear glands cannot make enough tears. In some cases the eyes produce poor quality tears. This can be uncomfortable and can cause itching, burning, redness, and sometimes loss of vision. We are able to provide eye drops that can help cure this.

Cataracts are another problem that comes with aging. Cloudy areas cover part of the lens inside the eye. When you have a cataract, the light is not able to get through the lens, which results in impaired vision.

The aging process affects people differently; however, vision generally declines with age. We can also help address many conditions so that you can see as clearly as possible.

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