image00061Here at Community Eye Center, we understand how the aging process affects your eyes. Just as the rest of your body ages, your eyes do too.

You will notice the biggest decline in your eyes in your 60s. Many changes are normal simply from general wear and tear, however some can be avoided.

Presbyopia and cataracts are normal for people. Presbyopia can start to occur when you are forty years old. It affects your ability to focus. Cataracts are when your eyes’ lenses become cloudy.

Some other changes that may occur as you age are reduced pupil size, dry eyes, loss of peripheral vision, decreased color vision, and finally vitreous detachment. All of these can happen with age and typically begin when you are in your forties to sixties. Once these problems start, they will continue to cause your vision to decline as you continue to age.

Our staff specializes in assisting people with aging eyes. While aging is normal, there are things that can be done to ensure that your vision stays clear and you feel comfortable and confident with your day-to-day tasks.

If you have questions about the aging process of your eyes, contact us today at (323) 778-7799.